Owning a restaurant and not being able to try anything?!!

Having a food allergy is a challenge in itself because at every moment you have to be very alert to see and ask about the ingredients of the food. With more pleasure, we would like to share with you situations from our lives about the allergy of a very important person for us. Just like […]

Nourishing your body with seafood

When it comes to nourishing our bodies, seafood is a treasure trove of essential nutrients. From omega-3 fatty acids to protein and an array of vitamins and minerals, seafood’s bounty offers a host of health benefits. Let’s dive into why including seafood in your diet can be a boon to your overall well-being. Omega-3 fatty […]

How important is the maintenance of sea products in the conditions they need?

Have you ever heard the expression “What do you mean the fish has a big job”? It is an expression said in the best way since preserving seafood and fish products is a job that requires dedication and discipline. Let’s clarify at the beginning that seafood and fish products do not go through the same […]

What can we do in cases where a fish needle gets stuck in your throat?

Eating cooked fish is one of the greatest pleasures that an individual can get at the end of a tiring week. Be it fried, grilled or baked fish with seasonal vegetables. Everything goes for beauty with laughter with the people of the heart with the glass of wine that is next to you until you […]

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