Have you ever heard the expression “What do you mean the fish has a big job”?

It is an expression said in the best way since preserving seafood and fish products is a job that requires dedication and discipline. Let’s clarify at the beginning that seafood and fish products do not go through the same cleaning processes. When the fish comes from the fishing boats, it needs to be placed in a refrigerator with normal temperature, wrapped with ice and velina only for the fish. The normal temperature is from 0 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius.


While seafood products go through two processes until they arrive at your home. The first process we like to call the freezing oven where its temperature goes to -40 degrees Celsius. Shrimps such as: wild tiger shrimp, violet shrimp, scampi, squid, cuttlefish, sea urchins and crabs are placed inside. They stay in the freezer for at least 5 to 6 hours to remove any harmful bacteria they may have. Then they move to a large refrigerator called “abandetitor” where the temperature goes to -20 degrees Celsius and they stay there for another 20 hours. The reason why the whole process is carried out is because the crudos are very delicate if they do not go through all these processes and this is the only way to remove any bacteria from the crudos. different from others, our strategy is different. Every seafood product comes directly from the manufacturer because freezing these products destroys every bacteria that is found and ensures safety in the food that our friends consume.


Seafood has high nutritional value protein, iron, zinc, copper and vitamin B12.

Therefore, the care that seafood and fish deserve is more valuable.

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