Having a food allergy is a challenge in itself because at every moment you have to be very alert to see and ask about the ingredients of the food. With more pleasure, we would like to share with you situations from our lives about the allergy of a very important person for us. Just like the name of the Meison Bistro restaurant, we also have a little angel named Meison, from where we were inspired for the name of the restaurant.

Mason is a 10-year-old boy who has been allergic to seafood and fish since birth. It’s like an irony of fate when you think that the boy whose parents own a fish restaurant can’t eat anything from the restaurant. Mason’s allergy is not a mild allergy or one with mild symptoms. It is an allergy which is faced with very serious symptoms such as swelling in every internal and external organ. Being allergic to both fish and seafood is a very rare allergy because usually people are only allergic to one seafood such as shrimp, squid or mussels. The Italian doctor who keeps Mason’s allergy under control often says that it is a very rare allergy that very few people have. One of them is our little Maison.

In the beginning, when we told Mason, he did not experience this allergy very well psychologically because one of his dreams is to try shrimp and mussels. But now, because he is surrounded by fish all the time, he is very careful about every food he consumes. For people who may have very dangerous symptoms, it is very valuable to carry anti-allergy medicine with them to calm breathing and swelling of the body. And anyone who is allergic to seafood or fish is sure to become a big fish lover. Because meat is a food that they can consume without fear and enjoy it a lot.


This was a concrete case from our daily life with little Mason’s allergy, which we must have under control at all times. One of the things we teach Mason is that Allah knows better than we do, and He does everything for a reason. And Mason always answers with more laughter. He says – “I know very well why I am allergic to fish, because I am sure that my father will make a meat restaurant just for me so that I can eat there every day of my life”. At the end of the day, we need to overcome everything for this positivity.

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